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She was getting quite a bit of attention from the usual morning crowd of people going to and fro the office pantry on the first floor.The heels were part of his plan for Graces training.The six inch heels that was the second thing that transformed the men in the office to a bunch of bumbling boys whenever they saw Grace walk past their jaws would drop, and they would be reduced to a primal state with eyes bulging, hormones raging in their brains and loins, and scarcely anything else would matter.While Grace had already worn four inch heels on the day of her presentation to the bosses, Royston had since raised the stakes for Grace, literally.Another side effect was that the lady would walk slowly to avoid losing balance on such tall heels, and this made her movements more dainty and feminine.

As Grace walked across the corridor today, she tried to appear nonchalant, ignoring the attention she was getting from all around. Then again, Mr Ko had the reputation of hiring beautiful women. Are you attending the sales meeting called by Royston? Walking alongside Grace, Ming said softly, Did Royston ask you to dress so sexily? No, no Grace replied I am dressing like that because I like to, she completed the sentence, and a few seconds after, the implications of what she just said sank into her.The whole outfit made her out to be the office slut. This was the day when Royston first made her wear the six-inch heels, probably the most symbolic of her becoming the office slut ** 13 days ago: THE HEELS.Grace walked across the foyer in the office, holding a coffee cup and saucer in her small hands.Throw in pert young breasts pushing against her tight, thin white blouse restrained by the one button of her jacket, and a very short skirt, this was a lethal combination. While Grace did not know her very well, Ming had been a friend so far. Ill walk with you, said Ming, with a smile, tucking her long hair behind her ear as she approached the smaller girl. Theres a lot of gossip going around you know continued Ming, when youre dressed like that. Grace knew that Ming was asking her why she dressed like a slut, in a polite way.In her early twenties, Grace was well on her way in climbing the corporate ladder, being trusted by both the head of her department, as well as having made a favorable impression with the other department heads. She thought she could skim off some money from the company and got caught by none other than her rival and ex-suitor, Royston. It was part of Roystons plan to humiliate her in the office. Ming had a full head of raven black hair that reached the small of her back, and she was also a very tall girl. Im not sure if I should call it overdressed or underdressed. Just then, the elevator door opened on their floor. Grace found herself unable to answer that direct a question from Ming.

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