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Sadly, a case of Truth in Television, as the troubled biographies of some real-life Former Child Stars will show.On the other hand, there are other child actors who grew up well, like Jodie Foster and Bill Mumy, because their parents took care to raise them up right under the circumstances. especially if they're treated as though they never did.The case relates to an incident in the Linen Bar on Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.Mc Manus, 37, was 'caused injuries' in the alleged assault, the documents say, although the report does not go into detail.

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Court papers claim Mc Arthur 'did strike her on the head with a guitar case or similar implement'.

While some kids idolize these stars and want to be like — or be — them because of how "glamorous" their lives are, what they don't see behind the scenes is that their careers pretty much rob them of a normal childhood, and a disturbingly high number of Former Child Stars have unscrupulous, financially exploitative parents. Compare White-Dwarf Starlet, an older version of this trope.

For other grown-up kids, see School Yard Bully All Grown Up and Kid Hero All Grown-Up.

This trope applies not only to theatre and motion picture, but also to several sports, such as gymnastics, and arts, such as ballet, where the athletes rise to the top very young and the career is likely to be short.

A man is due to stand trial after being accused of hitting a former Pop Idol star with a guitar case.

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