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Having that level of confidence in someone is a beautiful thing. You don’t take the chance of putting yourself out there with someone you’re only sort of into.A man who has opened up to you in an unguarded way is a man with strong feelings for you.You don’t want to waste much time on people or activities that don’t feed your soul.Finding yourself dragging your feet or procrastinating before doing something is a surefire indicator that you have something more interesting on your mind. If the guy you’re into finds any and every excuse to be around you, it’s safe to say he’s happily hooked.At the same time, if you haven’t said it to your person yet, even whispering the words seems a task far too daunting for a mere mortal.To summon the courage to admit your feelings, observe your partner.

He may also show loving actions by doing things to help you around the house, by surprising you with little gifts, or by expressing his love and appreciation verbally.

Whether you need encouragement, advice, or just a shoulder to lean on – having that steadfast partner with you is invaluable.

Have you ever had the sensation that the person listening to you speak is just waiting for you to finish so they can talk? Even your best friend can be guilty of being more distracted by his or her cell phone than interested in your story about what happened at work that day.

MORE: The Biggest Signs He’s in Love With You Loving is the most vulnerable thing we do.

For something that happens to everyone, it’s surprisingly unique to each person experiencing it.

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