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This workshop will be hosted by Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), New York City’s ideas incubator for operational analytics and a key stakeholder in the recently NYC Automated Decisions Task Force.

Workshop attendees will participate in a thought-exercise to illustrate the complexity of automated data processing in the public sector and, in the words of a recent Omidyar report, “wrestle with the difficult normative questions that often lurk just behind the code.” MODA will then present on its process for setting “intention” in its data analytics projects and share thoughts on how an organization can balance a mandate to be data-driven with a high standard of ethics.

In this hands-on prototyping solutions you’ll not only be developing solutions but also gain insights across the value chain meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

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As the amount of this data grows, it risks becoming increasingly privatized.

Our workshop will begin with an engaging 30-minute introduction to behavioral science and examples of BIT’s work.

We will then shift to interactive group activities focused on two urban challenges related to economic growth and mobility.

Based on dozens of successful local efforts, the book propose a new operating system (O/S) for cities, building on the giant leaps that have been made in technology, social engagement, and big data.

The book is essentially a guidebook for transforming and positioning government to fully embrace new innovative approaches to municipal service delivery.

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