Efron dating

The only other person who's been cut loose from the Teen Mom money train has been David Eason, after his horrific homophobic rant.

That really says something, you know, that Farrah's right there with David as the only people to be fired from Teen Mom. While Farrah is just about as messy as they come, she's actually had a somewhat normal dating history.

is there even a word for how wild of a thought that is? Like, could you honestly even sit down and imagine it?

noted, a recent Instagram comment has helped spark up dating rumors for the two actors yet again.

star commented on the photo with, "Two hot bitches" and a slew of excitable emojis.

Now, that could be just a fun interaction between two friends.

"These are guys that can be a blessing in her life instead of a ball and chain in her life." Well, at least now we know we're Farrah gets her delusional side from!

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There were a few boyfriends in early seasons, and Simon Saran managed to stick around for a couple of years.

Like, among ladies that have been arrested for domestic violence, neglected their children, and done heroin on national television, Farrah is widely considered to be the worst cast member in Teen Mom history.

Not only is she considered to be the worst cast member, but she's also the first person to ever be fired from the show.

After breaking up with Simon for good last year, she remained single for a while, though we did find out recently that she'd made herself a profile on Bumble.

Oh, and she did date that guy, Aden Stay, for about three seconds earlier this month.

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