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And this women had the nerve to say it's a man thing..it's a greedy thing..their missing something somewhere else.want their cake and eat it too. You basically can be single and be in a relationship at the same time without all the added duties/responsibilities.

She also claimed that Franklin recently had begun to exhibit 'controlling behavior.' Investigators stated in Franklin's arrest warrant that his wife and his mistress were not aware of one another's existence.

Phil’s son Jordan Mc Graw, TMZ is now reporting Crystal Harris has moved in with him. A “source” insists the two not dating but rather just really good friends, while Jordan is helping Crystal produce her music album.

Sources close to Crystal, Playboy Playmate and former fiance of Hugh Hefner, reveal she officially moved into Jordan’s Hollywood Hills home a couple weeks ago though she had been crashing at the place on and off for months … But get this, the same “sources” add that neither Crystal nor Jordan is opposed to a relationship, and that if something romantic unfolds, so be it. Sounds like PR talk for slowly introducing the couple to the public in hopes that people won’t figure out Crystal was two-timing Hef during her engagement.

(CBS) - Two years ago, Maryann met Luis on a dating site.

She says five days after their first date, he professed his love to her, and they began planning a wedding.

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