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Dixon provided last fall for one of the patient lawsuits. That committee, according to the hospital, had been set up to improve documentation, but not to question whether procedures were necessary. “None of the records were being reviewed for medical necessity of the implant,” the hospital said. “She did not qualify for the upgrade and all of the surgeries she went through,” Dr. In Indiana, each individual case must first go through a medical review panel, a process that can take more than two years.Sitting in the corner of a Starbucks near Community Hospital, Dr. So far, however, the first two cases heard by the panel of physicians, including Ms. Gandhi and Cardiology Associates “failed to comply with the appropriate standard of care” and that conduct “was a factor in the patient undergoing unnecessary procedures.” The panel did not find Community Hospital negligent. Doctors and medical consultants paid for by the malpractice lawyers have now told her she did not need the many angiograms or stents because her heart had no blockages.

When an item came on about her longtime physician, she perked up and leaned forward. Her husband rushed into the living room to see if everything was O. Steven Nissen, chief of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and the former president of the American College of Cardiology.In extreme cases, physicians have been accused of falsifying medical records, saying arteries were more blocked than they really were.Last year, a hospital system in eastern Kentucky paid nearly million to settle allegations, without admitting wrongdoing, that it billed for unnecessary coronary stents and catheterizations after a group of area doctors falsified patient records to justify the procedures. For decades, he ran a prominent practice in the bedroom suburb of 23,000 people about 30 miles southeast of Chicago.But David Malenka, a professor of Medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, said an examination done at the request of a reporter by researchers of inpatient and outpatient claims for defibrillator implants, adjusted for age, sex and race, showed that Munster’s rate per capita was in the top 10 percent for the country for 2010, 20.The region showed up with some of Indiana’s highest rates per capita for cardiac catheterizations and coronary angioplasties, procedures that, in many cases, can be elective.

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