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I freely admitted that while the idea turned me on hugely, I would be absolutely insane with jealousy if it ever happened.Then, after her fortieth birthday, I noticed a change in the way Susan reacted to the fantasy.Not Anne, she not only let me but she kept my cock in her mouth and drained my cock dry.She sucked the cum out of it so gently and soft, my cock just stayed fucking hard in her mouth.Click Here to Read More of MILF Anne's Erotic Story Part IIIHot MILF Gets a Fill UP I became a MILF Hot Wife around 5 years ago at the bequest of my now divorced husband.During my adventures as a Hot Wife I discovered a craving for hot young cock.She has kept her figure, even after three kids, and her tits are still full and firm and her waist is very slim.To help improve the look of her legs she would wear high heels when we go out together.

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Haven invited all of us to her and her husbands house for a huge party.

Tonight I wanted some young cock so I spent a good two hours primping and preparing myself for the ordeal to come. She lived in the next town from where my Brother lived so I could stay with him for the weekend, and drive over and see my girl. She had told me that she was a virgin when we talked about it, and she didn't want to rush it.

Click Here to Read More of Hot MILF's Sex Story Girlfriends MILF Mom Rewards Me I was 20, in the Navy and on leave during Christmas and New Year's and met a nice girl. By the second weekend I was there, I was feeling her nice big tits and nipples under her bra, but when I tried for her pussy she would stop me.

She told me that she still did not really want to fuck anyone else, but she needed to see if she could get a man to that point.

I told her that no man would want to stop when she got him there and she had better be very careful.

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