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this is the General Manager of Smackdown, Atlanta's own Theodore Long."Teddy: "What's up, playa? "Teddy: "Now, Mean Gene, let's introduce the bachelors! He's lost in the seventies and believes that polyester and spandex are fashionable. "DDP and Steiner turn and stare at Disco with amazed looks on their faces. Now, I don't know what posessed Vince and the WWE to do this bit... It's the one and only (and thank goodness for that), Disco Inferno."Disco stands up and does a quick dance routine. I would ask you what you've been up to for the past few years, but we don't have the time and nobody really cares, can you dig that? Hey Gene, bring out the WWE Diva."Okerlund: "And now, if all three men are ready to compete for a hot date with this Diva, let's bring her own. You know how to play so shut your mouth up before I fire you again and get ready to ask your question."Vickie is just glaring at Teddy, when one of the bachelors speak up. I like my freaks and all of that, but why are we competing for Vickie? And we could dance and shake our bootys all night long. And from what I've seen of Vickie, that's a whole lot of booty to be shaking! We're going out dancing all night long."Vickie: "Excuse me? "Disco Inferno gets up and the camera follows him to the side of the set where "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright is waiting, along with Niki and Brie Bella, the Bella Twins. Teddy: "Looks like that's a bust, Vickie, but you can still pick one of the two remaining bachelors."Vickie: "Well, how about Number Three? I want a hot-ass Diva and a real freak to satisfy me! "WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young comes running out on the set and jumps on Scotty Steiner, grabbing his ass. Vickie, I guess you're stuck with Bachelor Number One. No wonder Eddie always warned me to stay away from you when he was part of WCW."Disco: "Never forget that it's your duty to shake that booty. I just spoke to Alex Wright and there's a new club in town. "Steiner leaned over and gave Mae a big kiss on the mouth. Teddy: "I think I just threw up in my mouth, playa! When all of the men have been caught, have them remove the blindfolds.Ingredients Sugary treats (it could be a snack cake, candy bar, doughnut, etc.) To Play Partners must face each other with their hands tied behind their backs.Here is Vickie Guerrero."Boos fill the arena as Vickie comes out and takes a seat. "Teddy: "Vickie, we've got one more bachelor up there. "Teddy: "If you want to keep this job, you'd better get to moving. "Vickie: "Bachelor Number Three, what is your idea of a romantic evening? A long, sensous massage with classical jazz playing in the background. "Steiner: "Yeah, I love to let my freaks massage me and oil me down while I get plastered.

The Boston game development industry has grown rapidly due to the incredible community that has surrounded it.Okerlund: "Welcome to the WWE Wrestlemania 27 special attraction Dating Game. I'd cook some steaks on the grill and get some wine and flowers for you. "Disco: "From what I used to hear in the locker room, you do a lot of that anyway."Steiner: "Kimberly... What we're going to be doing is having three wrestling superstars, who are very familiar to the fans here in Atlanta, GA... Vickie, ask your question for the bachelors."Vickie (throwing Teddy another nasty look): Ok, so here we go. What would you do, bachelors, to make our date extra special? And we could put on a video of Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man to relax to while we do yoga exercises. probably just another attempt to make WCW look bad, but I'm telling all of ya'll that it ain't gonna happen. We've got three of WCW's biggest stars and we've got a hot Diva from the WWE. The cheers die quickly and Disco looks like an idiot dancing up on the stage to complete silence. She's a WWE Superstar and the resident cougar of the WWE roster. "Teddy: "Vickie, there ain't no excuse for the likes of you, playa! I thought we'd at least be getting someone hot like Melina maybe..."DDP: "Everyone's already had Melina. Okerlund: "And Bachelor Number Three is from Detroit, Michigan. Let's hear it for 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner."A few cheers from the crowd as Steiner stands up and poses a few times for the crowd. She's the former Interim-General Manager for WWE Smackdown.

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