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Surely, we must take the initiative, and look for someone for ourselves?

There is nothing wrong in seeking friendship with members of the opposite sex—as long as we never seek to develop a close personal relationship with an unbeliever.

God will bring us into contact with our future partner—if we are prepared to trust and obey him, totally. One of the most important aspects of our lives concerns our personal relationships.

Certainly, we could seek for someone without regard to God’s will and purposes for our lives. And if we chose someone without regard to God’s will, we would be sinning against the Lord.

At the same time, try to talk about a future plan, such as visiting a bar or restaurant you both like.

You can then ask her on a date by sending her a text message a little later the same day.

We must not sit back and expect the Lord to deliver our partner to the door!Many others do, but even they find that—at times—they fail to maintain the very principles that are dearest to their heart.This article has not been written with a view to being critical of people’s faults or failings—for we all have faults, and we all fail to honour the Lord in many ways.Ultimately, the reader must act in accordance with his or her own conscience, and in accordance with the express teaching of God’s Word, the Bible. God has chosen us in Christ Jesus for himself, and it is his intention that we should live to his glory.With these provisos, let us consider briefly some of those principles that are laid down for us in, or that we can deduce from, the Word of God. However, the Lord does not usually intend us to live our lives alone, but in the company of another person of the opposite sex: Someone to whom we can be bound closely, lovingly and faithfully, and with whom we can share every aspect of our lives.

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