Diddy dating tracey edmonds

We were mystified to see Jason at the farmer’s market pushing a double stroller full of purchases – and no children in sight.

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Say you go do a show, you get a 0,000 and artist might come home with ,000 and people say, ‘I know that b-tch got money she just came home with 0,000′ that doesn’t always mean that.The report, which was widely circulated on the Internet, went on to claim that Edmonds said Diddy “whisked me off my feet.”However, her rep shot down the rumours insisting that the story is a complete fabrication.“Tracey Edmonds never uttered the words quoted in the [tabloid].The story is a complete fabrication, People quoted the rep, as saying.She was ready to quit, she was tired of the business of music and I had to kinda figure out away to get her to come and sing so she would enjoy singing again.So she had to sing about to something she knew about. I was just saying let’s talk about love and marriage.[Toni] I had no money…A lot of people don’t understand, my second bankruptcy was because I was sick, I have lupus. People don’t understand they see the concert, the lights, the band on stage, the artist pays for all that.

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