Definition of a cougar in dating terms

The saga began when the businessman and his wife Gillian moved into a £750,000 house in Woolverstone, Suffolk, in 2004.

He set about clearing the overgrown parts of the 2.83 acres of land which came with the house, with the aim of planting oak and beech trees and returning it to its condition of 50 years ago.

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Until the 18th century borne and born were simply variant forms of the past participle of bear, used interchangeably with no distinction in meaning.

The legal battle ended yesterday when Lord Justice Moses, sitting with Mr Justice Blake, overturned the conviction, saying that the definition of a garden has become much broader in modern times.

she has borne you another son, the findings have been borne out, and so on.

Two judges called for the definition of what makes a garden a garden to be rewritten yesterday after a High Court battle over a pensioner's uprooted saplings.

More than 6million are unwittingly missing out on the high definition revolution, the figures from the British Video Association (BVA) suggest.

The research, based on a poll of 9,500 viewers, showed that 30 per cent thought they could watch high definition programmes or Blu-ray discs at home.

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