Define consolidating power

At the same time, executives are reluctant to acknowledge the place of power both in individual motivation and in organizational relationships. And in linking these words to the play of personalities in organizations, some managers withdraw into the safety of organizational logics.As I shall suggest in this article, frank recognition of the importance of personality factors and a sensitive use of the strengths and limitations of people in decisions on power distributions can improve the quality of organizational life.

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It is no wonder, therefore, that individuals who are highly motivated to secure and use power find a familiar and hospitable environment in business.The union or merger into one corporate body of two or more corporations which had been separately created for similar or connected purposes. In England this is termed “amalgamation.” When the rights, franchises, and effects of two or more corporations are, by legal authority and agreement of the parties, combined and united into one whole, and committed to a single corporation, the stockholders of which are composed of those (so far as they choose to become such) of the companies thus agreeing, this is in law, and according to common understanding, a consolidation of such companies, whether such single corporation, called the consolidated company, be a new one then created, or one of the original companies, continuing in existence with only larger rights, capacity, and property. The human being tends to make comparisons as a basis for his sense of self-esteem.He may compare himself with other people and decide that his absolute loss or the shift in proportional shares of authority reflects an attrition in his power base.

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