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In Tijuana, Carlos improved and perfected his skill in playing the guitar, and as a teenager he started playing in bars and clubs (Tijuana strip clubs). In the early sixties, his father had no option but to move to some other place for a job, so Carlos and his family moved to San Francisco's Mission district.

He got his inspiration from best musicians of that time: Ray Charles, Little Richard, B. His early years were not so happening, as he had to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant, and play guitar on the roadside to earn spare change.

Many indigenous groups of Mexico don’t have any or very little admixture.

Carlos’ paternal grandmother was of Spanish, and distant indigenous Mexican and African, descent.

Even when going through this phase of life, Carlos maintained his interest in music, especially the guitar.

During his stay in San Francisco, he was introduced to many artists, some famous and some budding.

His work, achievements, and talent has always proved an inspiration for people across the globe, and it still continues inspiring people who love the music of the guitar.

Innovative music and an incomparable presentation style has made Santana a legend whose name cannot be wiped out from the history of music.

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