Dealing with my ex wife dating

This is only about those who do not that we lucky people get to deal with).It can be really tempting to get angry, to badmouth the ex-wife in return, or to tell the child his/her mother is lying, but as our friend Dave says, you have to lose some battles to win the war.Even if you have memories of a kind person, that person no longer exists and nothing can do can change her--not even agreeing to her requests. Let's be honest, a hostile ex-wife can make your life miserable and that is generally what she's after.She probably doesn't want you to have more time or less time with the children, or in our case one week you'll have too much time and the next week she'll be angry because you don't have enough time, so agreeing to change isn't going to make it better. There is nothing you can do to change your ex-wife's behavior, but you can change your reaction to her behavior.Ive put together a quick Q & A on how to handle a number of situations that might arise or are sometimes unavoidable if the ex comes into play. While a handshake may seem stiff or informal, a cheery, "Hi, how are you" might be a good alternative to a hug. "At every family gathering, my husband's entire clan treats his ex wife better than they treat me. " It's understandable that you may feel a bit uncomfortable and, depending on the degree of their attention, you are justified to feel somewhat hurt.

Knowing what we have been through and talking with friends what have also been through this, these are my own personal suggestions for whatever they are worth.1.

No matter what she has said, no matter what she has done, you have moved on with your life--why should anything she says about you matter? We've all been there--the ex is bad-mouthing you or your new spouse to the kid(s).

It does hurt the kids, but a jealous & spiteful ex-wife generally cares more about hurting the ex-husband than about what she is truly doing to the children.

Whether you have been married two months or 12 years, sooner or later an "ex" boy/girlfriend or spouse situation is bound to arise.

The manner in which you handle yourself will play a vital part in the success and happiness that you currently enjoy with your spouse. "My husband always hugs his ex-wife and it really burns me up." The main thing your husband should want to consider is your feelings.

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