Davao review dating sites

Air BNB lists a lot of places however the prices are usually 5 times more than you would pay if you are on the ground there.

If you want to get your own apartment or condo to stay it’s best to rent a hotel room for a few nights and scout around once you’re actually there.

The good news is the kidnappings and other bad shit does not happen or take place in Davao city.

The city itself is very safe because of the long term mayor Duterte.

First thing you absolutely need when you get to Davao City is a SIM card for your phone, if you are planning to hook up with girls and organise dates you need a SIM as soon as you land.

Every single lady you meet will be texting constantly and texts cost bugger all to send where as phone calls are very expensive and charged per minute.

The area for Jun and Dell’s apartelle is in a gated community with security guards too so there wont be any scum bags coming in wandering about or any beggars around the place.

Most people will tell you that you will never get your bond back in the Philippines and so when you have one month left to stay tell the landlord to pay the last months rent from your bond money and then just vacate the place.

The best food to eat is something like Inasal which is under 100 pesos for a meal of roast chicken and unlimited rice or even the fast food places such as Jollibee where a meal will cost under 100 pesos and give you fries or rice and a drink with your burger or chicken.

Davao is one of the best provinces to visit if you would like to unwind, commune with nature and spend time with animals.

This multicultural hub is home to beautiful valleys and mountain ranges as well as protected wildlife.

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