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For service to librarianship through the facilitation of wider community access to the collections of the National Library of Australia, the preservation of cultural heritage in digital forms, and collaboration with other collecting agencies nationally and internationally.For service to the community through philanthropy and support for a broad range of health and aged care, medical research, child welfare and cultural organisations.For service to the community as a benefactor to a broad range of educational, health, social welfare, environmental, youth and cultural organisations, and to international humanitarian relief through the activities of Care Australia.For service to science as a researcher and academic in the area of physical chemistry, and to the community through support for the activities of the Ian Potter Foundation and Philanthropy Australia.Please press on the "rocker" to enable Flash for your browser.This way you will be able to get through all the types of conversation that you don't want.For service to the finance sector, particularly through the development of postgraduate and distance education, training courses and professional standards.

For service to engineering, science, industry and the environment as an inventor, and through contributions in the fields of fluid and particle mechanics, mineral processing, water and wastewater treatment and particle technology.

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For service to scholarship and learning through the study of history focused on Asia, particularly South Asia, East Africa and broader Commonwealth history.

For service to educational administration through developing initiatives and collaborations between Australian and British tertiary institutions, and through raising awareness internationally of the quality and significance of Australian scientific research.

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