Dating women bikers

If you are also a biker, the situation is somewhat easier than for those who don’t really ride, simply because there are so many things you and the girl of your dreams have in common, and they make excellent conversation starters.You can ask her about her motorcycle, the make, the year, the works. You don’t want to sound condescending, and by all means, do not ask her if that’s a “chick bike” or it’s going to be “access: denied” all over your face.But be careful with the choice of gift you want to give her.If you are not yet dating, you don’t want to get her anything too flashy or expensive – she might think it’s creepy or that you’re being a show-off.

Pick a neutral setting, like a ride, a festival or a biker rally.A nice box of chocolates may be a cliché but it usually works. Get her the tickets to see her favorite band or a really nice bottle of wine. Of course, for the best possible effect, get her something related to bikes, like a custom helmet, or a smaller piece of gear.Edgy, tough-looking silver jewelry is also an option.You want to impress the girl, not make her laugh at you, of course, but with their tough attitude, this probably seems easier said than done.But it’s definitely not impossible, and it can actually be the start of something beautiful so don’t be scared and make your move already!

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