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Where defrauded one of the men the amount of $ 2200 . and I found her name in the lists of many fraud and it specializes in theft and fraud over the Internet. And I thought that lured her until I know everything about this woman.And even serve all men and women to take heed of this rogue.And whether the nurse how the administration to allow this woman to show fraudulent pornographic images in these egregious and how to allow this woman to write and receive messages during working hours and may take to write these messages and receive messages from me with translation only about three hours a day . I want an answer from the administration's and Womens Center, thanks to them.This woman, an expert on crimes of fraud and duplicate and I trust everyone who reads this report of men and women in Ukraine or from any country knows any information about this woman to write to me at this address [email protected] that we can gather more information about it and delivered to police in Ukraine. You will continue this woman in the forgery of passport photos and fraud people and without her arrest and imprisonment of deposit, and we know that fraud a major crime severely punishable by law.I send her a message with some short information about me.When i got her replay I control the header of the message and find that it was send with the bat, proffesional edition, so i never replay on her message.

Does she not realise that sending such sexy images with her first mail spurs suspicion?Early on I asked her for webcam to prove that she was the women in the pictures. Probably because I found her on Ulust and copied her profile. I found her buried here on Stop so she hadn't been reported in a while.Jonathan (USA) Report N7 (added on February, 9, 2009) She contacted me on the site, and leave a message with her email to me.Joseph (Ireland) Report N3 (added on February, 22, 2008) I was contacted by her on lovehappens Profile is hidden now.Randy (Canada) Report N4 (added on February, 22, 2008) This girl can yulya burgan total received my over 7000$ said she want sell flat last conversation she said any 1200$ for bank serice please her photo in your site and call urkarine for this 5000$ usa dollars return back to me.

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