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There is a surefire way to disassociate yourself from feelings, which includes guilt.

Can you think of what emotion and feeling has done for you? So here it is, without further ado, you own personal guide to becoming God.

“Parallel with this was a gradual ‘moneyfication’ of the whole of the nation’s labor-strength.

‘Share-capital’ was in the ascendant and thus bit by bit the Stock Exchange came to control the whole national economy.” Hitler then denounces the Gentiles who acted as “window dressing” for the Jews: “The directors of these institutions were without exception, Jews.

Why when the word ‘Hitler’ is mentioned does the average person immediately become fearful and defensive at varying levels of consciousness and intellect?

The answer is cradle-to-grave Zionist-Illuminati mind control…birthed and bred with the legend of the ‘Holocaust’ of WWII.

Look at Wall Street, look at the Federal Reserve and dozens of other giant power centers.

As a result of the assassination, the Weimer government hastily passed the Law For The Protection Of The Republic, a Draconian decree designed to halt criticism of Weimar officials. ) Opposition to the law came from German nationalists of all shadings.

At the height of the controversy, Hitler was released from his 5-week term in jail where he reassessed his churning ideas into a more aggressive thrust.

We should also mention, what was even predicted by Hitler in 1944 as the war appeared lost, that Herzl’s demon seed, Zionism, has now achieved massive and essentially complete subjugation over the Western world.

The dominant NAMES are not Catholic, Methodist, Buddhist, or Hindu…they are ‘Jewish’ names.

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