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Information about model names not listed above is found on the Laureate page.

The bore size listed above for the model 4 is from this instrument.It would be a good idea for more advanced students playing Normandys to have a 64mm barrel.Normandy Special: I think what makes them “Special” is that they always have wooden barrels and bells, and Buffet style trill keys.They manufactured these horns in France, shipped them in pieces (cheaper tarriff) to Kenosha WI where they were reassemebled and sold to American school band programs as an intermediate level horn. 2010, #24271, from 1964, All wood, and the wood in excellent shape.14June2011, mismatched clarinet from a school somewhere. There were two fragments from the original matching joints. Has combined post, Special style trill keys (top two on combined post). Normandy 1025Nov08, serial number A12317, probably a Normandy 10 (although not stamped as such), from around 1981. I have my mother's which was purchased for her in the 5th grade in Michigan, serial number 4554, my step daughter now plays it (she's the 4th clarinet player for that horn including mom, her neice, me and the kid). Plestic bell and barrel.18Jul2011, #15216, barrel and bell plastic. Beautiful horn for this early serial number.14Jan2012, #14671, all wood, and all wood in excellent condition. The barrel had a hairline crack that was not visible on the inside. 11Dec2013 Amanda has played for around 5 years and this has been in for two Spa Treatments.

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