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Many kilns made both utilitarian ware and tea ware.Tea was not simply an aesthetic pursuit but played a pivotal role for regional rulers to socialize strategically with officials of the newly established Tokugawa government.Urban merchants played key roles in communicating the orders and marketing the new varieties of ceramics.Only stoneware was made during the earliest phase of ceramic production on Kyushu, from the 1590s to around 1615.Potters, collectors and the public will delight in the variety of objects in this exhibition: ornately to modestly decorated stoneware, sake bottles, jars for pickled plums and boat-shaped dishes are just a few examples of the variety in “Cornucopia: Ceramics from Southern Japan.” The Freer Gallery of Art, located at 12th Street and Independence Avenue S. Sackler Gallery, located at 1050 Independence Avenue S. We've all seen white and blue porcelain before—maybe while strolling around a Chinatown chatchka shop, a first-rate art museum, in Macy's decorative wares department, or even at a neighborhood yard sale.

But can you teach yourself how to navigate such a vast field of porcelain with confidence that you aren't making too many mistakes—or worse yet, getting duped?If you find a spherical teapot that a seller claims has been made in, say, the late 16th century, be suspicious.Differentiate the Design The designs painted on a piece—whether it's decorated with mythological scenes, or animals, landscapes, or abstract designs—can also tell you about the where and when of a particular porcelain piece.Following Japanese military campaigns on the Korean peninsula, Korean potters with skills for making glazed ceramics were resettled in southern Japan.Their kilns produced stoneware coated in muted glazes and porcelain ornamented with cobalt blue and multicolored enamels.

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