Dating incontinence Nude chat no login

Good luck If someone was to say to me that diapers are disgusting, I would have to ask them some questions back.I would point blank ask them if they lost bladder control how would they deal with it and why they choose how they do it.I guess I made those issue much larger in my own mind than he saw them. But, I don't think he'd leave me over it now if I lost total control.

Maybe this is just all in my head and im looking in the wrong places or something. All of us should understand that each one of us have some 'abnormalities'. There should be common element in mental, emotional, physical attitudes etc. Yes incontinence can be a nuisance since you feel odd.

I am glad that there are more and more Depend's commercials out there pointing out that there are more and more normal people dealing with incontinence and have to use some form of protection to allow them to live a quality of life they want/need.

The thing that hurts single incontinent people is how the media has gone and only showed the AB side of wearing diapers and not the medical need for them.

In doing that, you end up meeting people with like passions. Its not that I don't accept that I have to wear diapers.

I tend to find that people that are more giving are more "forgiving" of imperfections. Build a friendship first on something more solid than appearances and physical Kent, I was VERY thankful for the over-abundance of OAB commercials that helped me fess up to my incontinence! I do say hey its just my underwear and its just a different from others.

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