Dating in saudi

This would apply more to those who marry into traditional families.When non-Saudi women get involved with Saudi men and marriage is in the cards, rules of travel must be obeyed. But once married, you cannot legally exit the kingdom without your husband’s written consent. The same applies to children you have together, as well as those from a previous marriage.Before you go running off with your Saudi prince charming, you need to get the full scoop on dating there and understand the foreign dynamics.they are not always accepted by the Saudi man’s family.

Some Saudi men will not expect you to pray five times a day, but will appreciate it if you do.Marriage is expected at a young age in Saudi society. You don’t want to get caught up in Saudi Arabia’s harsh punishment laws for adultery.If he is in his late 20s or older, he may have a wife. If you have marriage in mind, meet his family first.You will need your husband’s help to arrange a visitor visa for them–actually you will need his help for just about everything in the kingdom.If you have children together and decide to one day get divorced, the children will not be permitted to leave the kingdom without the father’s permission.

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