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The English word “epic” ultimately derives (via the Greek adjective .

Although Pindar and Herodotus each count among Homer’s epic compositions at least one component of the Epic Cycle (a number of now-lost poems that were composed separately circa the seventh century BCE, but were subsequently collected as accounts of the creation of the gods, the Theban War, and the Trojan War), the Pindar, for example, styles the athlete Timodemus after performers of this epic pair, explicitly connecting the extensive compositions that the Homeridae ultimately will articulate with the run of wins that this competitor eventually will amass, and implicitly likening his own ability to immortalize Timodemus poetically through praise to these Homeric rhapsodes’ potential to memorialize illustrious heroes by reciting epics.

And the skill of inferior menovertakes and overthrows the mightier man.

In response, some people, even without examining any evidence, may sense that these poems are inextricable from the idea of epic.

For most readers schooled in the Western tradition, for instance, the These students’ assumption is borne out insofar as the Homeric poems have taken precedence etymologically, as well as experientially.

No doubt you know of the might of Ajax, which he slew bloodily lateat night with his own sword, being blamed as a result by all of the Greeks’ sons who traveled to Troy.

But Homer has honored him among people,having gotten straight and recounted his every heroic act in the measured verseof divine epic poems for successors to sing.

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