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This info is the best I have seen, both in Law Enforcement and to the Public. The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship. There were sexual predators looking for kids to molest and rape, but kids didnâ?? ve posted here, information on predators and their techniques and mannerisms, and protecting your child, please visit: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ... s Crimes Against Children pages Gruff The Crime Dog (Yeah! ) National Crime Prevention Council Warriors For Innocence I'm fat and sassy! Raids and spamming are annoying but they're not sickening. I couldn't read the entire post above as there was so much to go through but there are some real disaster areas on these "chan" sites.

What you are about to see is a well organized conspiracy to have sex with children. t hand themselves over on silver platters back then, and if a kid was approached by a stranger in a car or on the street or anywhere, we screamed and ran like hell away from them. , which is time spent with a young girl (that can either be a passing second consisting of nothing more than a glance or a smile, or a lengthy visit with a girl); also â?? I love to sing & dance & stomp my feet & really rock your world! And the "Anonymous" function allows people to push the envelope even further.

There are people in this war against pedophiles and online pedophiles who simply donâ?? They think ranting and raving, trolling their pages, and openly accusing them â?? will make them shake in their proverbial boots and go away. Sure, I was very much in the volcanic pit making changes on the Pagan site, removing sexual predators from it and elsewhere.  (commonly looks like four touching hearts) in pink/blue represents non-preferential gender pedophiles (girl or boy attracted, often both). The intention is to classify their interests for other pedophiles within their ring: * Ao A: Short for â??  meaning the age groups of children they are attracted to * MAA: Minor attracted adult (used in reverse of the word â?? , though it is the same and places the child as responsible for the abuse) * Ao C: Age of (legal) consent * CL: Child Lover/pedophile * GL: Girl Lover/Attracted to girls * BL: Boy Lover/Attracted to boys * YF: Young Friend, used when speaking about a victim * CP: Child Porn (Which could mean anything from photos of naked or half-naked children to photos of actual child rape/torture) Youâ?? I'm glad that ED might get taken down (I don't know how difficult it is for the government to take down a site), but that's just sickening if what my friend told me is true and there is child pornography on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

I do not for a minute claim to have ended that ring of predators working within that site and among the Ning platforms. * The yin-yang looking circle is CGlogo, used in reference to the website, Common Ground, which was created as a place for both girl and boy attracted pedophiles to meet and sympathize with each other. I think 4chan and all of the "chan" sites need to be removed from the web along with Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Thompson, 27, admitted 27 charges, including causing children aged under 13 to engage in sexual activity. Handing down sentence at Teesside Crown Court, Judge Michael Taylor said Thompson posed a â??  to the public and therefore he would be imposing an indeterminate prison sentence for public protection. You have shown that you are a very dangerous individual indeed. Constantly praising a child who is told otherwise at home 3. t be there if someone tries or does hurt their child. These images were discovered by undercover volunteers on a website created by online sexual predators, where they instruct young girls and children that sex with older men is natural and their parents are lying to them and cannot be trusted because they are possessive and donâ?? It has been speculated by some around the net in discussion about these symbols that these meanings and even existence of the symbols are untrue, but those statements have been made by pedophiles whose primary goal it is to corrupt exposed discoveries about them. As much as it really should be stopped and banned, I can't see it happening anytime soon.

I consider that you pose a very significant risk to the public and you are a dangerous offender.â? Being innocently affectionate to a child who is given no such attention at home â?? These people have often used these symbols on their own websites, and the jewelry is no figment of the imagination! Best regards, Yeah, I guess my topic being rather long is a difficult read.

register for life and banned from the internet and any contact with children. which were still and moving images of varying degrees of extremity â?? Police said more than 130 suspects had been uncovered in the UK and more than 50 arrests have been made. He was the librarian/warehouseman for a myriad of images that were distributed to like-minded individuals both in this country and elsewhere.â? That will come in time with longer back rubs, more involved hugging, and so forth. might get taken down because they posted a pornographic image or video or something of a minor.It is a shame that we even have to deal with this but life demands it: Note to MODS. All this has changed with the dawn of internet sites like My Space, Facebook, Live Journal, and yes, . All I want to hear from an ex-jock is "Will that be paper or plastic? Sometimes when you look beyond the annoying first impressions of this site you find some real dark secrets that I'm sure the law should be getting involved with if this site wasn't so heavily based on "Anonymous" posts.I put this under Current Events due to the on-going reports of clergy abuse and on-going reports in the media about this topic I recently posted a comment left by a supposed self-proclaimed pedophile, in which he suggests my pedophile symbol collection is outdated by listing variants he and his ilk often use to fool the public. There are now plenty of public service announcements explaining to kids what is really going on at the other end of that circuit, and thatâ?? The problem is that online predators have their claws dug in so deeply with kids on chan sites and the like, that those kids believe everything they are told, including that adults are lying, exaggerating, that the pedophile problem isnâ?? They are organized, well equipped with the latest internet security and tech cloaking/scrambling equipment, and they are untouchable by anyone without a badge. What I do on this site is expose as much of their techniques as possible to make people aware of how they go about stalking our children and acquiring your trust and their target. As much as it really should be stopped and banned, I can't see it happening anytime soon.Author: Lionel Tus Прямо сейчас нам требуются сотрудники для работы на дому.Работать можно в любой стране дистанционно (на дому).

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