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I think that the truth was that their great passion was already over.She had wanted to marry two years before.” In 1957, at the age of 17, living in small town in Iowa, Seberg was chosen by Otto Preminger from 18,000 hopefuls to play Joan of Arc. She said later that she had been “burned twice”, once on screen and the second time by the critics. In 1961, she won rave reviews as Patricia, a carefree young American newspaper-seller who falls in love with a French gangster (Jean-Paul Belmondo) in .In (marriage on the quiet), published by Equateurs, Chemin reveals that Sarrola was in fact a left-leaning, local politician who had never left Corsica in his life.His village had been chosen, almost at random, for the celebrity marriage of the year, by French military intelligence four days before.A book published in France last week explains how Seberg and Gary came to marry in the tiny village of Sarrola in the hills north of the Corsican capital, Ajaccio.For 53 years, the circumstances of the wedding have been concealed behind two sets of locked doors: the Corsican law of silence and French military secrecy.A rational explanation for the choice of the tiny Corsican village was concocted.The mayor, Natale Sarrola (the same family name as the village name), was said to be an old wartime comrade of Gary and supporter of Charles de Gaulle, the leader of Free France, now President of the Republic.

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“I was told by Col Colonna-Cesari, the surviving witness, that they scarcely embraced.He received many awards for bravery, including Compagnon de la Libération and Commander of the Légion d'honneur.In 1944 in London, he had married Lesley Blanch, 10 years his senior, a writer under the pen name Emile Ajar. The Gary-Seberg love affair – passionate, supportive, with a touch of father-child – has often been chronicled.They had concealed the birth of a son, Alexandre Diego, the previous year.A public wedding – even a private wedding made public by TV and press cameras – was distasteful to Gary, a Gaullist war hero and winner of France’s greatest literary prize.

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