Dating areana

Areana is also very active on social media and has over 332,000 followers on Instagram. Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding her personal and professional life.It seems she is doing best job without harming others for which she hasn’t been a part of controversy yet.Her favorite dance styles are lyrical, ballet, and contemporary.Her favorite TV show is Lopez began her career as a competitive dancer at a very young age.She has a sister named Maiya Lopez and a brother named Jordan Lopez.Areana has been dancing since she was two years old.She is very young she is not ready for any relationship at the moment.She is a child and she has not been in any relationship till now. Despite her young age, she has a huge fan following and many people love her..

She rose to fame when she appeared on the hit dance show as part of the ALDC mini-team in the sixth season.

She remained on the show until the following season, where the mini team was disbanded and she was dismissed.

She is also a model and has done modeling for , her mother’s dancewear company.

An intimate relationship can be a rewarding joy if both partners, with their similarities and differences, understand and embrace themselves first to be able to offer kind understanding to the other.

I enjoy cheeky playfulness and value honesty, simplicity and tranquility and live my life in line with my values.

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