Dating an autistic person

He treats autistic children with Lupron, an injectable drug sometimes used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

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Mayer Eisenstein comes across as a grandfatherly physician, a pat-on-the-knee practitioner who delivers babies at home and who's more likely to recommend chicken soup than an antibiotic.He proclaims that he's seen "virtually no autism" in his patient pool of thousands of unvaccinated kids.More recently, that contrarian impulse has seen him create the Autism Recovery Clinic in Rolling Meadows.He said he became passionate about vaccine risks when years ago he listened to Leonard Horowitz, a dentist whose Web site describes him as a "prophet" and is now promoting the theory that bioengineers produced swine flu "in a conspiracy to commit genocide." Horowitz, Eisenstein said, "was talking about AIDS and Ebola and autism and asthma and allergies, and he linked it all to vaccines." Eisenstein, who calls the American Academy of Pediatrics the "American Academy of Pharmaceuticals," dismisses the many peer-reviewed studies that failed to find a link between autism and vaccines as "fake studies." Vaccine proponents won't admit this because, he said, "Every doctor now essentially in this country has done something as heinous as the Nazis did, unknowingly." Most pediatricians, though, strongly advocate vaccines because they've saved lives, not ruined them.Refusing to vaccinate puts others at risk, especially infants too young to be fully vaccinated and children who can't get the shots for medical reasons, such as those on chemotherapy, said Saad B.

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