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Amid fears that Porter's past could become Hicks' present, Conway declared on CNN's 'State of the Union' program: 'I don't worry about her in that respect.' 'In the case of Hope, I have rarely met somebody so strong with such excellent – excellent – instincts and loyalty and smarts,' she added.'I didn't have the presence of mind and the professional capabilities at her age that I see in her every single day.'Conway said Hicks had 'a great support system around her' including West Wing colleagues, along with a big advocate in the Oval Office'Hope is absolutely fantastic,' President Trump said Saturday through a spokesperson.'She was with the campaign from the beginning, and I could not ask for anything more.Hope is smart, very talented and respected by all.' Trump declared Wednesday in the wake of the Porter crisis that he is 'totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind.''Everyone knows that,' Trump told reporters, 'and it almost wouldn't even have to be said.' But with support for Chief of Staff John Kelly waning inside the White House, Trump continued on Wednesday to miss easy opportunities to give the retired Marine Corps general his public backing.'Did your staff handle the [Rob] Porter allegations properly? The president sat stone-faced, uttering an occasional 'thank you' while his press aides shooed journalists and cameramen out of the Cabinet Room.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters cryptically on Tuesday that Hicks 'was not part of a lot of the conversations that took place.' 'I don't recall any of you being in the room,' Sanders snarked, 'to be able to say specifically what comments she made or didn't make.'Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway expressed her support for Hicks on Wednesday, and referred Daily to her remarks three days earlier on CNN.

In the email, obtained by Daily, her name has been removed as she is an alleged victim of domestic violence and has requested anonymity.

Holderness' email states: 'He began by asking me if I knew a XX XX. He then told me that while he barely knew her, she had called him the previous night claiming that my wife poisoned her at a bar.

He said that he recommended that she call 911 because she was throwing up while on the phone.'He then said that he didn't think my wife would poison anyone but wanted to let me know that someone was going around town trying to 'infect' others against Rob.'He also asked whether Colbie reached out to XX, or whether XX approached Colbie.

I said that my wife did not poison anyone, that they had gone out the night before, that my wife mentioned very stiff drinks, and that I didn't know who reached out to whom and didn't want to get involved in this matter.'In Skiffington Holderness' email to the FBI, Skiffington Holderness expressed concerns that Porter's friend, Bryan Cunningham (above), who was a mutual acquaintance, was 'actively working to quell' issues surrounding Porter's background check for his White House security clearance Daily has reached out to Bryan Cunningham for comment but have not received any.

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