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(listen to the interview I gave on the negative impact of bad parenting ) But immature men also pose an equally great challenge for women who try to change the immature man.As I point out in my book, “Get the man you want”, women fall in love not with who the man is but rather who he could be with their help; they fall in love with the man’s potential.In other words, the man has a clearly defined purpose in life that includes making a difference in the world – giving and serving rather than simply taking and amassing.

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And when he wins them, he doesn’t know what to do with them, so the relationship or connection remains only on a superficial level. Understanding yourself, what you want and why you want it 4.Phillips, daughter of the famous singer and musician John Phillips of The Mamas and Papas, claims she had a long-term incestuous relationship with her father and says he injected her with drugs from a young age.Listen to the interview I gave to Russ Morley, host of the morning show on News/Talk 850 WFTL where I reveal that Phillips might be suffering from False Memory Syndrome and I outline the tell-tale signs and behaviors of victims of childhood sexual abuse and explain why she might also be telling the truth while members of her family deny her claims as false and lies.The block is most men don’t want to change, can’t see the need to change and resist change (particularly when asked to change – a response of the male ego.) Parents can help boys to mature to manhood by noting the insights of John Welch from his book, “What damages a boy’s development is a lack of response to his attachment needs, or the use of threats of abandonment, or inducing guilt in the boy, or parental clinging to the child.Potentially the most disastrous occurrence for the developing child is the loss of parents or the loss of caring adults.” The key is to assist him into moving away from the parents and into his own identity and adult life.

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