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Geology had long relegated humanity to the sidelines, but in recent history, the human fingerprint on the Earth had grown too deep to be ignored, he said. The world had left the Holocene behind and entered an epoch of humanity.While foreign to stratigraphy, the arcane and sometimes internecine discipline that judges geological time, Crutzen even hazarded a guess at when this transition occurred: the early 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution unleashed the energy found in fossil fuels. It changes the discussion for a politicized electorate weary of global warming.This means that if you don’t have a basic ballpark of the period an instrument was made prior to the 1960’s then Pot codes won’t really help you.For example, the Pot codes you can make out are: 1377415."I'm starting to think the strongest signal, one of them, is just nuclear explosions -- the test cases of atomic material," Crutzen said."There were the first two nuclear explosions in Japan, but then [much more] testing took place, and anytime that radioactive material came into the world, into the sediments, we had an example of a good marker.This should never be the only method used, but quite often it can help back up evidence already acquired to date an instrument. First you need to get underneath, to the circular disc on the bottom of the shaft at the opposite end of the knob (which may, or may not, have to be removed depending on the instrument).

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The world is not waiting for the geologists to decide, of course.Now I'm more in favor of declaring the nuclear tests as the real start of the Anthropocene." Crutzen's shift is a reminder that, while his neologism is all-conquering, it is far from settled as a scientific fact.Indeed, it's only recently come to the attention of geologists."All of these discussions about any unit in geology take an age, almost literally," he said.By nature, stratigraphy is a conservative profession, resisting proposals even from its own eminences, let alone offhand remarks from climate scientists.

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