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Better to wait for the tour, which arrives in September and should involve even more dressing up than usual.

Neil Tennant spent the Eighties as nobody else did: first writing for Smash Hits, then – after teaming up with a kindred spirit he met in a hi-fi shop – having smash hits himself.

When a man with Everett’s past can write a song as joyous as Today Is The Day, you feel like you should probably listen and learn.

Rating: The choice of sometime Blur guitarist Graham Coxon to score Channel 4’s teenage alienation comedy-drama was a shrewd one.

Had Germany won WW2, there’d be NO Abortion, Communism, Feminism, Organ Trafficking, Israel, UN, Federal Reserve and J E W Owned Central Banks, Usury, J E Ws in Government, Education and Law, Media Filth and Porn; ie It’d be ‘horrible.’ Germany bought an oil additive for their fleet of planes from Rockefeller (only seller), and invested a few million in a NY Bank run where Bush sat on the board.

That’s hardly ‘Funded.’ A history lesson for Kelly and other shillsteins and buffoons: ‘When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly broke.

The ingredients – his disarming bark, the handful of major-key guitar chords, the slyly wholesome orchestrated interludes – don’t change much, but The Deconstruction’s tunes are strong and its positivity is infectious.With synth-pop back in the air, the timing is shrewd.The PSB recipe seemed simple – warm melodies, wry observations – but it had a vital extra ingredient, the ability to be themselves while evolving with dancefloor fashion.The tougher episodes have included a bout of cancer and more than her fair share of heartbreak.She’s such a character that although she has been singing for 30 years, the music is often incidental. So when headlines appeared recently saying ‘Kylie goes country’, a certain scepticism set in.

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