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Here are three most common situations where we take part in white worshipping – knowingly, unknowingly, blindly…Video: UCSC5v IE_8 Join us by purchasing photography book ' Encounters' to help us fight violence against women & girls.Proceeds of sales in Asia will go to @theasianfmnst's initiative to fight gender-based violence in the region.Go to for more information VIbk HRji "Women everywhere, whether scarf-clad or not, deserve to live with dignity & respect and I call upon all Malaysians to defend women whenever an injustice has occurred," @n_izzah writes.reminder: abc didn't air an episode of blackish that covered nfl kneeling, and none of the people screaming about roseanne today made a peep- these people are not defending freedom of speech, they're defending her racism.Love languages are real and this is why it’s important to communicate and be consistent with your partner to learn their’s. It’s okay to admit that the upkeep of natural hair is time consuming and you can’t be arsed all the time so you put it in protective styles ie, wigs, braids, weaves etc. You can love someone the best way you know how and still love them completely wrong. It doesn’t mean you hate your hair, or you hate yourself.

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The elect here is simple: Which, try to figure something in your first email to succeed you read their epoch.

Society is quick to interject to tell a woman what to do when it comes to abortion by presenting different moral or religious beliefs but do not take into consideration the most important thing - it's her body, her choice. #Menstrual Hygiene Day #MHDay #Menstruation Matters Pads, Tampons, Cups: What’s Best for Your Period?

Find out the pros and cons of sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups and cloth pads. #Menstrual Hygiene Day #MHDay #Menstruation Matters More than 1/3 of girls in South Asia miss school during their periods, often because they lack access to toilets or pads, & many receive no education about menstruation before reaching puberty, study shows…

Understanding Buddhism Through a Feminist Lens Buddha said: “I will not take final Nirvana until I have nuns and female disciples who are accomplished.. It’s a woman’s right to choose what is right or not for her life.

I don’t imagine abortion is an easy decision to make, but we must allow freedom to choose & not be judgemental. "Women are making a trade-off between dignity and health, often at the cost of health," Suhani Jalota, founder of @Myna Mahila, tells @klustout com/videos/world/2…

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