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Archives offers access to databases for genealogical research. In her role at Consumer Affairs, she thoroughly researches products and companies by interviewing experts, reviewing research studies, reading governmental regulations and investigating customer service responses.

Wind & Weather has been the recognized leader in consumer weather instrument sales for over 25 years.

For specific, health-related information, you may want to talk to a genetic testing professional to understand fully the information that direct-to-consumer DNA tests can accurately provide.

Direct-to-consumer DNA tests offered by companies like Ancestry and 23and Me range from about to 0, depending on what kind of results you’re looking for.

The most common public records used by ancestry websites include: Genetic DNA tests can tell you about your ancient ancestors and more recent relatives.

They do this by tracing your mitochondrial DNA (passed down from your mother), your Y chromosome (if you’re male) or your autosomal DNA (all the chromosomes besides the X and Y ones).

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