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In general, business owners benefit from holding the competitive strategy in reserve for crisis situations and decisions that generate ill-will, such as pay cuts or layoffs.Ever wonder why some negotiators approach the situation from completely different viewpoints and with others it goes easily and smoothly?They prefer to avoid stepping into or creating tension.They stay neutral, objective or removed from the situation or leave responsibility to their counterpart.Business owners frequently employ compromise during contract negotiations with other businesses when each party stands to lose something valuable, such as a customer or necessary service.Competition operates as a zero-sum game, in which one side wins and other loses.

These negotiators tend to emphasize the relationship as more important than the substance of the agreement.In some circumstances, avoiding can serve as a profitable conflict management strategy, such as after the dismissal of a popular but unproductive employee.The hiring of a more productive replacement for the position soothes much of the conflict.Negotiators have a tendency to negotiate from one of five styles: competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, or collaborative. According to observation over the last two decades of hundreds of negotiator behaviors and perspectives and confirmed through negotiation literature, generally people approach negotiations from one of these five styles and exhibit the certain characteristics.These are adapted from Thomas Kilmann’s conflict styles and tend to correlate well in negotiation, especially given that there is sometimes tension when two or more parties are trying to meet their differing or conflicting needs. Competing: Negotiators that exhibit this style are assertive, self-confident, and focused on the deal and results.

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