Cancer woman and leo man dating

You play to win and the condition is that it should be fair. Cancer is cardinal and watery sign whereas Leo is fix and fiery. Leo’s gregarious disposition complements the home loving Cancerian nature.It hurts you when you know that your opposition has cheated you. Leo woman is attracted by your nurturing love and emotions whereas you are attracted by her royal gait and fun loving style.Otherwise you will just waste your time in the power struggle.Sometimes your expressing your emotions in wrong manner may create misunderstanding between the two of you.Your sympathetic nature will pacify the wild cat’s aggression. You are sympathetic and moody whereas Leo woman is emotional but stable.She wants adoration and attention- which she finds in you. But when she finds unjustified tantrums, harsh words or shouting – which sometimes Cancerian often act in frustration- she will get irritated and may come out with her wildness or she will go behind self made thick walls which will be then hard to break for you.Both are just opposite to each other in their inherent qualities.However, both possess the royal dignitaries in the zodiac family. Whenever, this feeling surfaces in any one of you it is likely to bring up a storm.

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For you, it is suggested to avoid high pitch or moodiness quite often with your Leo partner.Doing it once is fine, twice is ok but when it gets regular you will realize you are slowly drifting away your Leo woman from yourself.Socially, you may feel neglected when with your gregarious Leo partner as she is likely to steal the limelight.This influence contributes to the development of the relationships.Mercury (the principle of thinking and expression) trine Mars (the principle of dynamics, power and energy)')" Skillfulness, agility and responsiveness should be currently increased.

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