Buck knife dating system chart

But I would like to take a few minutes to talk about some of the underlying policies and functions of the ERS.

If you do not actually wonder how the system works or have questions about how it makes decisions – this For some reason there is a recent phenomenon in the knife market of mad rushes on speculative knife purchases; or as one customer called them – “lolly scrambles”.

Please let me know if you have additional photos to add, or correct me if you see glaring errors. One of the earliest catalogs I have is a 1914 reprint and several bar shields are included. Many variations of these were used in the early 1900s also. Below is a shield found on a 1940-19 pattern, scout knife. That was the 125th anniversary of the Solingen manufacturing facility.

If coupled with a BOKER/USA tang stamp, the shield below indicates a US Boker manufactured before 1975. I have no idea how long this shield has been in use. Compare the shield above to this Solingen shield from the early 1960s. It is my understanding that the Henry Boker shield below is from the 1980s, and was a special factory order for a large US knife distributor. Bullseye shield circa 2001-2004 Below is the 2009 shield - 140th anniversary!

But for the most part it just explains the facts of why we have chosen to cease international We get some crazy questions, as you can imagine.

But, mostly, we get the same questions on a daily basis. A: You can Maybe once every couple weeks someone calls or emails and asks why my knives have a condition of “Mint” instead of “New”.

Background: My background is in collectible traditional knives.

Lion Steel Big Opera Lion Steel CK01 Lion Steel Daghetta Lion Steel Fixed Blades Lion Steel KUR Lion Steel Mini Lion Steel Opera Lion Steel Skinner Lion Steel SR-1 Lion Steel SR-11 Lion Steel SR-2 Mini Lion Steel TM1 Lion Steel TRE Lion Steel TS-1 Ti Spine Maserin AM1-Tech Maserin AM-2 Maserin AM3 Maserin Arint Maserin Arno Maserin Atti Maserin Birdland Maserin Caccia Maserin Consoli Maserin Favri Maserin Fly Maserin GTO Maserin Hunter 125 Maserin Hunter 126 Maserin Jager Maserin Nimrod Maserin Pitbull Maserin Plow Maserin Police Maserin Ram Maserin Sport Maserin Starlight Maserin Fixed Blade Viper Dan Viper EZ Open Viper Fortis Viper Free Viper Gent Viper Italo Viper Keeper Viper Kyomi Viper Larius Viper Lille Viper Odino Viper Quality Viper Rhino Viper Start Viper Storm Viper Ten Viper Venator Viper Fixed Blades Our goals are simple.

Find our customers the greatest value in quality knives made today.

has produced many types of folding and fixed-blade knives since 1889.

The stamp that includes the word “Case” is the tang stamp.

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