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Left to their own devices, they would spend their session complaining about me and the people in their life.They usually had a sadistic streak and seemed to enjoy finding new ways to catch me off guard and devalue as worthless my sincere attempts to help them.They take pleasure in other people's failures and enjoy other peoples’ unhappiness.Not only do they not add value to the world around them, but they often actively thwart other people’s efforts to improve things for everyone.

Now he took her for granted and basically did whatever he wanted at home without worrying about how Sylvia would be affected by his actions.

NOTE: In this article I am using the term “Narcissist” as shorthand for people who have made a Narcissistic adaptation to a childhood situation that now in adulthood qualifies for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I will sometimes use the word “adaptation” instead of “disorder” to emphasize that narcissistic defenses were the child’s creative adjustment to this earlier situation.

They self-identified as “heroes.” There were other Knights in these stories, however, that self-identified as powerful and destructive anti-heroes.

Instead of protecting the innocent, they destroyed and dominated them.

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