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BEST OF IMBB: How To Make Vitamin C Serum At Home | 7 Best Pigmentation Creams in India | 8 Natural Products to Add Volume to Thin, Fine Hair | 8 Ways to Tighten Sagging Breasts | How to Remove Pimple Marks from Face | Top 10 Shampoos for Dry and Rough Hair | 8 Best Drugstore Foundations That Do Not Oxidize The first day that I used this cream, I was pretty impressed-the fragrance was really nice and there actually was a pearly glow on my face (I wondered how could that come so soon ☺) So I used it for a week. The cream felt mattyfying and drying on my face although I have oily skin.It does not blend easily as one can see from the snap above.However, I only yielded when my sister told me about how she looked so fresh after coming back home from her badminton session.That’s when she suggested me the Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash.

The foam’s unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin, while washing away old weary, sallow skin.

Glycerin: Nourishing moisturiser that penetrates into skin to improve skin natural water balance.

HAIR: 8 Natural Products to Add Volume to Thin, Fine Hair | 8 Ways to Regrow Hair on Bald Spots | 6 Hair Growth Secrets from Around the World | 7 Best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth | How to Make Rough Hair Silky | 30 Killer Hair Care Tips The facewash is a bit different from regular face washes-it is very creamy and lathers like a foam.

Streaks remain here and there-and this makes the skin look patchy and gives it a different complexion from rest of the body-that is the look is not natural. However, after a week, this cream broke me out severely. I again thought of using this cream-just because of the fragrance and matte effect-and it AGAIN broke me out-and since then I have discontinued using this.

I never wore it in the sun-so I can’t comment on its sunblock properties-however-instead of discarding the cream-I often use it as a hand cream just to use it up.

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