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They are not the dominant, Alpha males on this planet who get to decide which groups of women are considered attractive.

Black men take their lead from the dominant White men.

I would answer Yes, non-Asian men have stereotypes about Asian women.

However, Asian women are shrewd enough to work those stereotypes to their individual (and indirectly to their collective) advantage!

This is the strategy that Asian women quietly and successfully carried out.

These women did this to better their own individual circumstances, but it had the positive side effect of bettering their collective image.

As increasing numbers of quality, prominent, powerful White men started marrying Asian women, suddenly Asian women started being perceived as increasingly desirable and attractive by other types of men.

Asian women weren’t always considered desirable by large numbers of non-Asian men.

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Instead of screening, dating, and possibly marrying nonblack men who have a so-called “fetish” about their undiluted West African features that operates FOR them, many African-American women restrict themselves to dating Black men who have openly-declared fetishes that operate AGAINST them. At the end of the day, what Black men think, say, or do does not matter.

This is a lesson that more African-American women need to learn.

We’re so preoccupied with issues of political correctness that we cut our own throats in terms of maximizing our marriage options. Certainly not Black men, including the many Pan-African Black male activists who talked “Black” this and that, and married White women.

For a very long time leading up to right now, White men have been the most powerful, dominant, Alpha men on this planet.

It’s reasonable to expect them to remain the planet’s most powerful, Alpha men for the foreseeable future.

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    But in a case, you do not rely on a pure chance and actively search for a woman of your dream you may end up happily married much sooner.

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    These girls were not "bimbos" they were nice respectful elegant ladies.