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Individual Properties National Register Listings Boston Landmarks Designations Further Study Areas C. During the 1930 's he dent of the Roxbury Coot^erative bank and vas President Als"lr^va^t? H^ S^^^^^-Ul or^K.^ p TERIOR ALTERATION ( ^ming x J moderate drastic CONDITION^Jood) fair poor LOT AREA ^/b^3"- T-ozl V sq.

Planning Recommendations Appendix I - Sample Inventory Forms Appendix II - Key to 100' Scale Inventory Maps Appendix III - Inventory Coding System - Parker Hill/Mission Hill - Sub Areas - District Recommendations - Thematic Recommendation - Individual Site Recommendations - Sites for Further Study PART TWO - PARKER HILL/MISSION HILL INVENTORY FORMS : (contained in this volume) I. METHODOLOGY General Procedures Evaluation - Recording Research III. feet TOTEWORTHY SITE CHARACTERISTICS {4e J^e.-l'^i -(^i v/A.r Ws ^ Jja? Vait have retain much of their original appearance and are^illustrative of the mod but attractively detailed three-unit brick dwellings that occasio character tize the Huntington and South Huntington Avenue frontage (see forms for #860-72 Huntington; 16-26; 23-56; and ^9-75 oouth Huntington) . Boston Building Dept: Building Permits: #6.8 /J 9-23 Wait: Dec.

All buildings in this category merit designation as Boston Landmarks and as individual listings in the National Register of Historic Places, and in the State Register of Historic Places. §2Q Fi|h^5'g4ys-T|i^f' Permits — July 1 101 Parker Hill Ave. Permit 1904 ,r-4.u J I- j-u IT TT ,r J -, T Nurses Home l A/ithey and j Jithey. In 1963--its 70th year — the Training School for Nurses had developed a program that employed 26 full-time faculty who worked with 17? The school now was affiliated with Children's as well as the Boston Lying-in Hospital. =#11-7 £i&r^ Bibli O|g:t^aphy continued i Damrell.

Designation as a Boston Landmark involves protection against demolition and involves design review of proposed exterior alterations. Edward Sears Read, the architect of the original 1922 lurses Residence also was the designer of the 1923-^ Georgian Revival New England Baptist Hospital complex across Fisher Avenue at 101 Parker Hill (see form for).

Connelly, Chairman, * under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Originally known as Garden Street and probably laid out as part of the 1845 Highland Place subdivision of Parker Hill by mason Thomas C.

The local share of the project was provided by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the City of Boston Environment Department and Historic Boston, Incorporated. This firm is also veil repre sented by high quality 3-Ceckers in Highland Fark,? j Vait (see form for 1^5-7 Hillside Steet) and carpenter Greenleaf C.

Highest Significance Buildings in Group I are considered to have national significance * as buildings associated with Boston history, particularly the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods, * as nationally known examples of the work of Boston architects, or * as examples of particular building styles or types which became prototypes for similar buildings throughout the nation or which are rare throughout the nation. This 1922 building v/as added onto in 1931 » and ten years later in 19^0, a third wing was constructed, All of these buildings were constructed in similar style after designs by Edward Sears Read (original building) and Kendall, Taylor Co. By the 1920 's, the New England Baptist Hospital Training School for Nurses--which was a department of the hospital and also affiliated with Children's Hospital, now offered a three-year course of study which encompassed surgical, medical, obstetrical, and pediatric work. Wolf, a member of the American Institute of Architects since I9OI, died in Philadelphia in I916. Massachusetts Historical Commission—Eblana Brewery. History and description (draft); and architect file.

The field survey of all properties within the study area was conducted on foot. fro'" his brewery-his son brewery had offices in Boston as the Boston office was located at Kilby St. /' " Area ,^, ■ ■ ' , I MS'^i.^^v H it ADDRESS 2^9A Heath St.

Approximately 3,000 structures were visually surveyed. In addition, the style, material, and type of each building were recorded on a 100-scale, figure 5 photogrammetric base map. The second procedure involved documentary research using Boston archives, libraries, Suffolk and Norfolk County Deeds, and relevant respositories , to investigate primary and secondary sources. V'arner ,pgs .101-105 bud i TON LANDMARKS COMMISSION Building Informatioa Form Form No. After Eurkhardts death ir 188^ , the brewery was taken over by his son and namesake ,who v^as equally successful (Eurkhardt Sr. In addition to Gottlieb 188^ included Otto Eurkhardt and of beer were produced-"==«^«=^it ^wasone of in the U. It v^as noted during the early l890's that" he building is an imposing '.stone pile and w/its outhouses covers a large area.

Whenever possible, buildings were grouped into National Register districts rather than singled out for individual listing (Map III). This list will be available for consultation at the Landmarks Commission and copies at the agencies and institutions previously listed. (Map) SIGNIFICANCE (cont'd on reverse) This house ranks among the least altered examples of modest Queen Anne commuter housing in the late 19 th c.developement whjch encompasses Sunnyside St. became the treasurer of Massachusetts Breweries, Arthur H., a purchasing agent for the company, and George R. — manufacturers of surgical, veterinary, and medical equipment.

Research Procedure Research was focused on determining date or date range, architect and/or builder, original property owners and original appearance of buildings recorded on individual forms, as well as sequence of neighborhood development and street development pattern. The buildings selected were next evaluated as to relative architectural and historical importance using the six-category system outlined in the following section. ^2 (Read) ■^' ■F^W€P-Av'E=POU=- raf Ur Hill/ I hm At Of^^AL- ras R-p-T" iq'c Lfp p^/ ■e^ THE NKW ADDITION T(i THE HASKKl. NT RSK^' Hn MK BOSTON L-\NDMARKS COMMISSION Building Information Form Form No. In the late '30's and '40's, 123-5 Heath Street was owned by Canada Dry Ginger Ale and housed the mixed uses of production and bottling of carbonated beverages, manufacture of medical instruments, storage, and offices. Co., the new owner of the building, was granted permission to block-up most of the windows, and the former brewery became used and continues to function as a manufactury for the repair, construction, and assembling of automobile parts.

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