Backdating housing benefit pensioners

However, pensioners can backdate claims for up to three months.

CTR and the benefit cap CTR is not counted as part of the benefit cap.

The benefit cap was rolled out in summer 2013 and means that certain households have an upper limit on the total amount they can be paid from benefits.

You can find more information about the benefit cap here.

Council tax is a local form of taxation on domestic property and is collected by local councils (often referred to as local authorities).

The person (or people) who own or rent the home is/are legally responsible for paying the council tax bill.

However, if only one person or no-one lives in the property (or it is treated as such) a discount can be applied to the bill.

Applying for CTR If you are liable for council tax, you can apply for CTR if you are on a low income.

To apply for CTR you would need to contact your local council benefits department.

Your local council will calculate how much CTR you are entitled to, based on your income and savings.

back to top Note: This list of exemptions is not exhaustive.

For more information on council tax exemptions contact the Carers UK Adviceline.

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