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I brought my buddy alone for the ride (big mistake). I got home, charged my phone for a bit, and went back on the road. I turned it on during the afternoon and took a few calls. Key lessons learned from my first few days as a Uber driver: I know every single hot spot in Toronto. With 1% left, I picked up my brother and his buddy who were wasted at a night club to drive them home. I forgot to press “begin ride.” Sunday was random for me. On Monday I turned the app on after my grappling class. The rides varied from folks rushing to work to Tinder dates. Furthermore, in preparation for COP-21, a set of actions will be identified at the SIT Technical Workshop in September 2014 for subsequent consideration at the CEOS Plenary in October 2014.

This document will serve as a guideline that shows a common set of rules to help CEOS Agencies implement an Open Search service aligning with CEOS best practices, with the goal of achieving better interoperability among CEOS Agencies.

Version 1.1 wil be released December 2014; Version 1.2 released March 2015; Version 1.3 released June 2015 and final release of Version 2 July 2015.

As the Flood Pilot lead, NASA is documenting process descriptions for requesting and obtaining access to CEOS agency flood-related data through data coordination points of contact at each agency.

I have an answer now because I’ve been working as an Uber driver since May 8th. You discover places that you didn’t even think existed. I may just never have to worry about buying the next round because I don’t think I want to drink again.

By the third call, a gentleman freaked out on me for having an extra passenger. I started at about 11 and then calls went on all night again. If someone tells you that Toronto is boring, you need to tell this person that they’re a complete loser. You’re out there making money on the weekends while your friends waste their money. I totally believe that your network is your net worth.

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