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Slow filming, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng forced have nothing to do"Ariel Lin talks about the details of her surgery; waiting for the arrival Tags: dong hae, super junior, suju, joe cheng, ariel lin, choi si won, arjoe2: Ar Joe Couple (Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng)Ariel Lin: Receives female Artist of the Year Award Cheng Lei: Seeing Joe Cheng's [8 ways to care for his fans]parang di ko masyadong gusto *** LOVE OR BREAD ni Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.

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Yesterday the two idol drama will fit kaishanzushi presented in the Michelle Chen's wedding!

For several years a valuable sugar, let the bad CP powder excited! Sit at the banquet of Joseph Cheng and Ariel Lin still frequent interaction, "you pose, I was so love photography"! Because the show a lot of items is the inevitable risk, Ariel Lin although it looks very petite, soft and weak, but in the program expressed desperately three Niang side, self tenacious does not abandon, millet and playing a not very appropriate analogy, indeed is this world "Hulan ah! Ariel Lin also said that the "general Joseph Cheng is shouting, do not know how to call itself the joe".

Sincere said, from the two people present at the meeting place of the moment, do not know the environment of people still really think it is Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng's wedding! Joseph Cheng and Ariel Lin in a previous program, on the live variety show became a "trick kiss" of the sequel! Looked so desperately Joseph Cheng, Ariel Lin suggested that the distressed, facing Ariel Lin said, if you are injured, I am afraid that will collapse"! The old man's young girl heart yeah, sure this is not the script lines? Ariel Lin as "Yuan Xiang Qin" also did not let master disappointed, in the program, because it is the drive time (Zheng Yuanchang leg length), so you go very fast, Ariel Lin in the back breathlessly don't follow, just Zheng Yuanchang because impatient to go the wrong way, Lin Yi Chen while blurt out "Naoki. Ha ha ha ha, Ariel Lin OS: don't language, kiss me!

In Taiwan, the betrothal is almost as important as the wedding.

In an engagement ceremony witnessed by their parents in the morning, Ariel wore a bright red dress and Charles put a gold ring on her finger, said Apple Daily.

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