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Among the men who have frequented her salon are Sir David Jason, Tim Henman and Val Kilmer, but not, perhaps surprisingly, the ever-youthful Lord Mandelson.

Equal Pay It is heartening to see in the advertisements for the post of Serjeant at Arms at the House of Commons a line saying that the £70,000-a-year position will be made by people who value “equality, diversity and fairness.” When Jill Pay, the outgoing Serjeant, was appointed in 2008 and became the first woman to do so, it emerged that she was paid a third less than her male predecessor.

In an Interview, she confronted her love: The two were for some years, and the fans were expecting the couple to tie the knot when Andrea dogged the idea by giving a reason that deserved a significant appreciation.

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Hansford numbers the Duchess of Cornwall among her clients, but, as the hairdresser is best known as a colourist, Kate may not yet feel happy about the message that attending such a salon might put out.

Andrea Riseborough, an English actress and the owner of the production company, Mother Sucker, seems to have a busy professional life.

Most of the information available about the actress focuses on her career rather than her personal life and relationship.

Since then, a series of acting credits fell into her lap.

With a lovely height of 5'5") and perfect torso measurement of 34-24-35, Andrea has an alluring body and the actress is not afraid to go through a physical transformation for her roles.

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