Amiga error validating disk

, well we are going to use at least one of those now: Most games work under Kickstart 1.3 and Kickstart 2.0 without any problems, providing you have at least one of these in your Win Fellow folder select the one you want to use and press Open.Note: The Kickstart files inside the file selector above do NOT have to be named KICK13. After clicking the Open button you will be taken back to the above tab, notice that your Kickstart image is now written into the text box next to Image. Pull down the Resolution menu and select 640Wx480Hx8BPPx (see below) That's all you need to change on this tab unless you wish to insert scanlines in the Amiga display (not advised) so select the Gameport tab (important if you wish to play games!Hard Reset If you have been playing a game/demo recently and have just inserted another game/demo into the emulated Amiga disk drives then you will need to reset before the game/demo will start.Rather like pressing both Amiga keys and CTRL on your real Amiga.For this example lets say we want to load the game Moonwalker, as you can see from above it has 2 disks or ADF images so we would select the first one: Moonwalker D1And click the Open button.Now select the button underneath (DF1: high lighted above) and select the next one: Moonwalker D2And click the Open button.) You can leave the Gameport 1: option set to Mouse (you will often need this to skip dodgy intros) but click the pull down menu next to Gameport 2: You can select either Keyboard 1 or 2 (the keys are laid out underneath) Joystick (if you have a gameport compatable game pad) or Mouse (if the game is controlled via a second mouse).That should be enough for this tab, finally select the Blitter tab Now, here is one of the tricky settings.

Fehlermeldung kommt, habe ich mir alternativ den ADF-Sender Transdisk eingerichtet. Elvira (hab ich auch im Original) bei anderen jedoch nicht z. Lotus II, Lotus III, Operation Wolf (mehrere Version aus verschiedenen Quellen probiert).

Ich dachte eigentlich, dass das Fileformat beim ADF-Transfer keine Rolle spielt. Ist da diesbezüglich etwas bekannt, dass bestimmt Arten von Games nicht auf diesem Weg transferiert werden können oder mache ich etwas falsch?

Danke für die Hilfe EDIT: hab 2 ähnliche Threads gefunden, die leider im Sande verlaufen Übertragene ADF's unbrauchbar!

When the machine was turned off some time ago it was working just fine, so there must be something off.

Taking the CF card to my PC, which uses Linux, I had the challenge to mount the CF card so I could play with the disk in FS-UAE.

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