Am i intimidating or ugly

Emmett: In the book, her character is undiagnosed with a mental disorder.

There's no clearly defined mental disorder that she had that we pulled from, but we all knew that there was something that she had going on that was beyond just having a bad moment in her life, that there were some layers and some conditions that were causing her to act this way.

It's such an original, fresh voice, we feel, in Medina [Maika Monroe's character] and we grew up in Southern California and had friends and even some family in some of these beach communities.

We knew that as beautiful as a lot of these places were, when you start to peel back the layers, there are a lot of families having some real problems.

Emmett: Again, she was somebody that Robbie had onboard as we signed on, and it was a little odd for Brendan and I, because in the book, the main character is this runty tomboy, and Maika is anything but that.

She's a beautiful, stereotypical California girl, but she too, just the depth of her as a character was just so obvious.

Was Jennifer involved first as an executive producer or as an actress? I think she was just involved in this movie with Robbie Brenner, the producer, from the outset.It blew my mind seeing her as an actress in that way, because I just didn't know her in that regard!I saw a glimpse of it in that movie , where I saw her play somebody that I didn't ever think -- I mean, she became a completely different person in that movie!But it's a woman going through a divorce and having a marriage that's falling apart that, at the same time, is so different from who she is.This is a character who does everything wrong for her kids and plays the victim the whole time and that couldn't be further from who Jennifer is as a person. Tell me about what drew you to her and what it was like working with her?

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