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That 99% of what they hear about the world is also lies. Product of self-flattering myths inculcated long ago. Disseminating the highly imperiled truth is everyone's job. Even when many already hate it, sensing it's crooked. They can't imagine that 99% of what they believe about the US is a lie.This is the face of war that our criminal Corporate State Media never shows us and our malignant politicians never mention.We will never know his name; he is but a body count and one of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were buried by the hubris of treacherous imperialists who use “defense of democracy” as a means of stealing the wealth of nations.I'm full of giggles with deep dipples on both sides of checks. IM a single mummy to a 9month old little boy he's my world..very caring and kind and get on with most people, i have all people in my life i need but just looking for someone to complete my family and to settle down .. In my spare time, i like to go for walk, jogging, watch favourite series such as Mist..

“Most spy thrillers are written from the assumption that we’re the good guys who are under attack by bad guys so evil that we’re justified in bending the rules to save ourselves from them.

Hi iam isabel crosbie from cathcart area glasgow am now to this site am looking for friendship and maybe more am 30 years I like walking and pubs and staying in and watching my soaps am easy going girl..

^2000Sharing our stories widely breaks the power of imperial lies to support evil. To legitimate a billionaires power structure now killing the planet. THE HUMANIST REPORT’s Mike Figueredo dissects Bill Maher’s devious endorsement of Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Stewart’s subversive heresy guarantees that The Trojan Spy will be ignored by the propaganda machines of the corporate mass media.

It’s a dangerous book, and a very good one — characters with complex personalities who act in unexpected ways, a well-structured story full of surprises, authentically rendered settings, and a direct but graceful narrative style.

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