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When Sandy, Seth's dad, shows up at the Bait Shop he asks her to tell Seth that they cannot see each other because Seth will not listen to him, as Sandy thinks Alex is a bad influence on Seth.When Seth ends up coming by the Bait Shop after sneaking out she tells him that his dad came by for a visit, and that she needs to do the right thing and not see him for a while.Alex shows up at the dance, and takes care of Seth after Zach punches him, and they end up sharing a kiss at the Bait Shop where they've gone to get a first aid kit.As their relationship has progressed, Seth keeps trying to impress her by being a "bad boy" by getting drunk and stealing Caleb's car.In season 2, she reveals to Seth that she was expelled from the non-fictional Mater Dei School in Santa Ana (a Catholic school) and Newport Union High School, the local public school in Newport.

She has extreme issues with her mother, who verbally abused her by constantly telling her she was not pretty.

He asks Alex and she says that the show is sold out and that he'd have to work there to get tickets, and ends up hiring him.

Seth convinces her to go on a date with Ryan ("The New Era"), with himself and Lindsay joining to make it a double date.

Alex then asks Marissa if she's in the mood for the beach, which is where they share their first kiss.

Alex then feels that Marissa is embarrassed by her because she won't tell anyone about them, but Marissa then tells her best friend Summer, making her happy.

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